Fleeing from the grasp of the gestapo...


a young Jewish girl is tragically separated from her parents and finds herself stranded on an abandoned farm. She has to learn to survive with only her faith and basic instincts keeping her alive.


Adira was written by Irene Delmonte in January of 2013. After pitching it to Bradley J. Lincoln, they decided to raise funds and get the movie made. It was going to be a challange. They had to transform Kansas City, MO into WWII Germany, from locations to props and wardrobes. 


In June of 2013, with the support of the Kansas City community, friends and family, the funds were raised and props, locations, and wardrobe were locked down. Filming began and the rest is history!


This 80 minute drama was shot on the RedONE, colored with Davinci Resolve, and was mixed in 5.1 surround. Made solely through a successful Indiegogo campaign and the hard work of over 70 people in Kansas City, it has truly been a labor of love.


"Adira" chronicles the journey of a young Jewish girl who flees from the grasp of the gestapo and has to learn to survive in the German wilderness. Fighting to stay alive, the hope of being reunited with her parents keeps her strong.

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